Code of Ethics
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  • Members shall direct their activities to the mission, goals and objectives of Georgia MGMA, which are to elevate through education the competence, standards and knowledge of all members.
  • Members shall not misuse information disseminated in Georgia MGMA publications, meetings, workshops, seminars or other Georgia MGMA functions. Misuse of information includes representing Georgia MGMA information to other persons as having been authored or originated from any person or organization other than Georgia MGMA.
  • Members who also sell products or services shall not utilize information obtained at Georgia MGMA functions such as meetings, workshops or seminars for their personal financial gain, including the solicitation of such products or services at any time during Georgia MGMA functions except when acting in the capacity of exhibitor or in the normal course of membership.
  • Members shall not disparage the work or conduct of other members but shall report unprofessional and/or unethical conduct to the Georgia MGMA Board of Directors.
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, maintaining a high personal standard of professional integrity and ethics.
  • Board Members shall attend at least 75% of the board meetings and conference calls, and stay actively involved in the organization, or they may be asked to resign.