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Why Should I Join?


ANNUAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE - GMGMA holds an annual Spring conference which provides great opportunities for education and networking and helps members find resources and solutions for the challenges they face.

ANNUAL FALL CONFERENCE - GMGMA holds a Fall Forum.  The topics are dedicated to the current legal issues that affect the medical practice and more!

WEB SITE - GMGMA maintains a website for easy access to industry and association information and activities.

LISTSERV- NETWORKING- The GMGMA listserv is a great resource tool that allows members to ask each other questions and also to discuss the many different challenges and frustrations they face daily as a practice manager.

REPRESENTATION- The membership is represented at all of the Medical Association of Georgia Advisory Committees. GMGMA works closely with MAG, who has a lobbyist working closely with the lawmakers on the state level. A MAG representative is invited to attend all GMGMA meetings. GMGMA is a state affiliate of MGMA (Medical Group Management Association). MGMA has a full-time lobbyist working closely with the lawmakers on the national level. GMGMA works closely with MGMA and invites a MGMA representative to all Conferences. If you have a question you would like to ask personally of the MAG or MGMA representative you may do so at any meeting, or you may contact the GMGMA Executive Coordinator for contact information.

PROFESSIONAL ENROLLMENT - GMGMA's mission is to expand the professional education and growth of its membership. Annual Professional  enrichment awards support our members' educational goals.  The GMGMA Distinguished Service Award is presented to a deserving member annually and is sponsored by MAG Mutual Insurance.


Membership Categories

REGULAR MEMBER - is an individual directly employed by a medical practice in the State of Georgia with at least one licensed physician formally organized for health care delivery, or an individual directly employed by a management organization, hospital/hospital system, practice management firm or other independent business entity in the State of Georgia which provides administrative and related support services to one or more medical practices of at least one licensed physician formally organized for health care delivery. (These can include MSO’s, PHO's, and IPA's.) The individual must have direct management responsibilities or be engaged in the daily operation of such business entity. Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Each Regular Member shall be entitled to one vote and is eligible to hold office and serve on committees. $150.00


ASSOCIATE MEMBER - Is an individual who works for an organization whose primary function is to provide management or consultative services through a specified agreement for one or more physicians or physician groups or hospital. The physician, physician groups, or hospitals that receive service must be engaged in the practice of medicine as a legal entity or as part of a legal entity.  Associate members are not eligible to serve as voting members of the board of directors; however, they may serve on committees.$200.00


AFFILIATE MEMBER - is an organization or individual which provides products and services directly to health care delivery organizations. Examples of these are accounting/financial services, legal or consulting services, data processing or information management systems/services and office or medical systems/suppliers; or an organization or individual that provides health care services by non-physician providers such as physical therapy services, home health care services, ancillary services, etc.  Affiliate members cannot vote, hold office but may serve on committees with Board approval.  Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. $600.00


PREMIER AFFILIATE is defined the same as Affiliate however, this member is afforded one membership directory in Excel format per year. $1200.00


STUDENT MEMBER- is an individual who is currently enrolled at a Georgia college/university and is planning a career in medical management and is not otherwise qualified for any other membership category. Must provide proof of current full-time status from the college/university.  Student members may not vote or hold office.  Annual membership dues will be determined by the Board of Directors. $25.00


For additional information, contact  We look forward to having you join the growing number of professionals who are members of the Georgia Medical Group Management Association!

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